First post: Update time!

Hey guys, GLP Matty here. Thought I’d maybe start doing updates on my ‘professional career’ if you will here¬†on the website. Talking about the channel, upcoming books and so on. I don’t really know how blogs work or if this even is a blog but anyway, I’m gonna start posting updates on the GLP Matty site so people actually start to use it. So anyway since I failed to make a video on the subject so far, heres a few updates:


The Podcast

The podcast series is going well, tonight I should hopefully be interviewing Dr Gerardo Sandoval. He works with the Colorado River Toad and uses its sacred medicine of 5-meo-dmt to treat people all around the work. His work is not only important but extremely interesting and I’m looking forward to speaking with him.

Later on this week I am ecstatically¬†excited to announce the I will have the opportunity to sit down and talk with Hamilton Morris. His show on Viceland Hamitons Pharmacopeia is an incredible show that follows him around the world as he tries different psychedelics and talks with people about them and their effects. He also has many interesting books, web series and a whole bunch of other psychedelic themed entertainment for you to enjoy and it’ll be great to have him on the show.

There are some other guests coming up after those two but I’ll wait a while before announcing the others until I know for sure what’s happening with everyone. As much as I love psychedelics I’d like to make sure that one subject isn’t the majority of season one. I’m hoping to have ten episodes for season one at least although if things keep going this smoothly I’ll maybe keep it going till 20/30 episodes are completed.

Also, I totally want to have M.A. Larson on if I can, that’s a snowball’s chance in hell though.


While I do love youtube my main career is writing so I can actually support myself doing something I love. Currently, I am working on an upcoming indie video game. The game will be for free as it is set in the my little pony universe and is a fan made game so money for it would be illegal. Personally, I’m just doing it for the experience but the game is looking great so far and I’m looking forward to people playing it when it’s done. My job involves all around writing such as story, item descriptions, dialogue, pinkie pie jokes and other important roles haha.

Even more importantly, one of my short stories will be published soon in an anthology. Most likely the beginning of next year by the looks of it. All of the money made from the book should be going to charity if what all the authors discussed is still going ahead. A name for the book has not been decided but my story has been titled “The Phantoms of Glenkos.” It’ll make more sense when you read the story.

The only thing left to say is that I’m currently writing my first full novel, although I won’t disclose anything else until it’s nearly done because I feel the idea is quite unique and I’d hate for it to be stolen.

My Little Pony Stuff

So I might up reviewing MLP and just making MLP content again, I’m not quite sure, I’ll have to ask you, my subscribers, again.

One thing I can say is that I will be making a documentary called “BronyScot on LSD: Can Bronies get any weirder?” One guess as to what that’s about…


Overall I think that’s all I can say, for now, I hope you all enjoy the videos and be sure to give me suggestions on what to create content on in the comments.