The Church of What’s Sodomy Now

Alright, Okay another update but just a quick one.

If you’re wanting to come and see me live on the 25th this month. You should be getting your tickets now. A lot of people seem to be putting it off but remember I’m not the only act and its possible it will sell out before you get your chance to go. Don’t expect to just buy tickets at the door. Here’s a link to the website where you can get your tickets:

Again, thanks to Red Raw for making this happen.


Matty, Speedos and Perfect Hentai

Hey its time with another update, hopefully I’ll remember to make every post on this website parody of a movie title. So here goes:


If you aren’t following me on Twitch what the fuck are you doing with your life. Pigeon Master and I will be live streaming some Fortnite tonight (along with some other friends) but on the days I’m not working on YouTube I should be live streaming Fallout 3 for the time being. You can suggest games for me to play so be sure to leave a comment on this post or while I’m streaming and I’ll write it down for next time. Link to the Twitch channel will be in the footnotes.

Stand Up Dates

So the stand-up dates weren’t in the last post. For those wanting to come down and see me live, I’ll be doing two 5 minutes slots at The Stand in Edinburgh. One, on the 25th of June and the other on the 24th of September. The show starts at 8:30 and will feature a number of different amateur comedians. Links to buy tickets will be in the description.

New Merch

There has been some really cool new merch released, designed by yours truly. It’s been years since I’ve brung out any merch and this collection is fantastic. Be sure to check out the store in the footnotes.

Music on Spotify

Hopefully, in the next week or two, my diss tracks will be available on Spotify. I’ve been working with RouteNote to get it up there. The meme of the songs themselves is only amplified by the idea that they are actually on Spotify and I think it’s a great way to further the joke.

That’s all for now, not exactly loads to go on but hopefully, there will be a lot more exciting news in the future. Be sure to check back here every week or two to catch up on everything I’m working on. New video out tonight btw.


Do Scottish Androids Dream of Electric Buckfast

Hello, wow it has been a wee bit since I’ve updated the website…

Yeah, I’m a bit of a lazy cunt when it comes to this kinda stuff. I’ve been working really hard on a number of projects over the last few months, which I’m sure most people reading this will be aware of. I’m going to individually go through all completed, on-going and future projects since my last update in order to cover anything I might have not covered.

The Podcast

The Not So Happy Hour, unfortunately, had to end. Too many guests would leave me hanging last minute and honestly I lost a lot of respect for people I had a deep admiration for on quite a regular basis. It’s as they say, don’t meet your heroes. To all of the guests however that did come on and indulge my ramblings, thank you very much.

Special thanks to Micheal my first guests for being such a cool guy and just having a great conversation with me, Dr. Rick Strass for giving me his very valuable time and letting me ask him questions about his work. Same goes to Dr. Gerardo Sandoval who skyped me from the Indonesian Mountains! Cathy S. Tooley gave me a fantastic insight into the American school system and her book ‘The Education System is Broken.’ Also lastly, Max Sherwood and Nat O’Neill from the Edinburgh University Psychedelic Society. I haven’t seen much of the guys since our talk because I’ve been strapped for cash a lot of the times they host their events. I hope one day I can speak with them again.

Tales From The Bathtub

I will continue Tales From the Bathtub when I feel its a good time but currently its a bit of an overused niche. It was one of my best series and I’m proud of it but don’t expect any more regular instalments. It will now be more of a throwback series than an ongoing one. This isn’t permanent however, I have visions of a day when Tales From the Bathtub is produced with studio equipment, having a full team of dedicated workers at its disposal. With special guest appearances such as Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg…

Facebook Philosophy

Dead. Fucking dead.

It was a good idea but honestly, it didn’t get views. If I had a larger following I wouldn’t mind doing a series that didn’t attract more attention but in complete honesty, one of my goals on YouTube will always be to grow my channel and make something out of it. It was quite depressing to see TFTB getting up to 300 views and then watch the view count drop down to twenty because the title of the videos just couldn’t be compelling enough.

Diss Tracks

The diss track stuff is so much fun but I’m totally worn out. Me and Pigeon Master are gonna wait until exam times are done so all the guys involved can join in on the one last bit of content we’re thinking of making to kind of end off the series. That doesn’t mean that the whole idea of doing parody songs, in general, is off the table but just that the fake feud between Jack, Marcel and I will come to a dramatic conclusion.

Also I kinda technically got recognised by a ‘fan’ yesterday while I was buying some buckfast. He recognised me because of the recent diss track stuff, which was the inspiration for the title of this post. That’s never happened to me before and I was pretty stunned, to be honest. If you don’t know me personally but you’re a fan of my work and you see me in the streets, be sure to come up and say hello. I love hearing peoples opinions on the stuff I do and what I can improve on.


Yes, I know. It’s taking fucking ages.

The anthology I’m currently a part of was supposed to be published a while back. Unfortunately, the woman running the project left earlier this year due to unexpected changes in her own work. I appreciate how far she took us and the link to her Facebook page can be found in the footnotes which you should go and like. Since we had to move all the files and so on over to other hosts, progress has slowed to a crawl. Either way, I’ll be plugging it for a while on the YouTube channel so you should hopefully know about it as soon as its out.

Stand Up

So I’ve decided to give stand up comedy a whirl. More as a hobby than any kind of job, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. It’ll be a great way to gain some new skills and perhaps even help me understand comedy a bit better and what really makes people laugh. When it comes to YouTube I have to deliver things a certain way, when I record with others I get the feeling they look at me weird wondering why I said something a certain way but then when the video comes out they understand why and laugh. The same seems to be for stand up, so I can’t wait to find out what I can do on stage.

Voice Acting

Currently, I’m not working on anything to do with voice acting, I am considering auditioning for the role of Thor in an upcoming abridged series but whether or not I get it we will have to wait and see. I’m open to doing anything that won’t take up too much of my time so if anyone out there has a project I could help with, let me know for sure!


I asked FlyingWithFeathers to do some artwork for me and he pulled through with this awesome piece. Really cool, I’ll leave the link to his twitter in the footnotes. Go show him some love.



Footnotes wingz79 (Word press won’t allow me to post the link without it runing the entire post. So delete the space inbetween the / and the w to get the link.)

Update II: The Desolation of Videos


Recently we have been killing it compared to my earlier videos. Within a month of restarting this channel I’ve gotten 3,000 views in a month, Two videos got over 1,000 in 24 hours. I just want to thank people for helping me out, I’ve had a lot of collaboration with people a lot bigger than me who have been willing to come on the podcast but mainly it has been a passion for writing and animated tv shows that really pushed forward my view and sub count.


Writers Perspective

Writers Perspective is a show I definitely want to push on with, evolving and making more entertaining as I grow. I usually hate every video I do but this weeks video on vagueness I’ve fallen in love with. I think I did pretty well but there’s definitely still a lot of time for improvement.

Secret Project

I have something VERY special planned that I think’s gonna blow up. Planning has been going on for the last month and filming starts next month. I’ve borrowed photography level recording equipment (minus a mic currently) and I’ve got a camerawoman. Hopefully, it goes well.  It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for years now.


We finally had Gerardo Sandoval as well as Cathy Tooley on the podcast recently. Newer guests are coming into contact every day so keep reading for updates.


Podcast guests

We’ve had some excellent authors come on, two pretty accomplished authors, Dr. Gerardo Sandoval, best known for his book The God Molecule and Cathy S. Tooley, author of The Education System is Broken. We also had the pleasure of having Jenn Landon-Neubauer on episode two so we could discuss the anthology we’re both working on. More update on that book soon. Michael was also a fantastic guest for episode one and I’m hoping to maybe have him back in the future.


If you didn’t see my video “Trying voice acting for the first time” I got to voice a pumpkin mob boss in an animation that will be up on youtube in the following weeks.

Not really much else to say while we wait for more stuff to happen. Work is going well, my only real issue is no income at the moment but hopefully, that’ll change soon.

First post: Update time!

Hey guys, GLP Matty here. Thought I’d maybe start doing updates on my ‘professional career’ if you will here on the website. Talking about the channel, upcoming books and so on. I don’t really know how blogs work or if this even is a blog but anyway, I’m gonna start posting updates on the GLP Matty site so people actually start to use it. So anyway since I failed to make a video on the subject so far, heres a few updates:


The Podcast

The podcast series is going well, tonight I should hopefully be interviewing Dr Gerardo Sandoval. He works with the Colorado River Toad and uses its sacred medicine of 5-meo-dmt to treat people all around the work. His work is not only important but extremely interesting and I’m looking forward to speaking with him.

Later on this week I am ecstatically excited to announce the I will have the opportunity to sit down and talk with Hamilton Morris. His show on Viceland Hamitons Pharmacopeia is an incredible show that follows him around the world as he tries different psychedelics and talks with people about them and their effects. He also has many interesting books, web series and a whole bunch of other psychedelic themed entertainment for you to enjoy and it’ll be great to have him on the show.

There are some other guests coming up after those two but I’ll wait a while before announcing the others until I know for sure what’s happening with everyone. As much as I love psychedelics I’d like to make sure that one subject isn’t the majority of season one. I’m hoping to have ten episodes for season one at least although if things keep going this smoothly I’ll maybe keep it going till 20/30 episodes are completed.

Also, I totally want to have M.A. Larson on if I can, that’s a snowball’s chance in hell though.


While I do love youtube my main career is writing so I can actually support myself doing something I love. Currently, I am working on an upcoming indie video game. Personally, I’m just doing it for the experience but the game is looking great so far and I’m looking forward to people playing it when it’s done. My job involves all around writing such as story, item descriptions, dialogue, jokes and other important roles.

Even more importantly, one of my short stories will be published soon in an anthology. Most likely the beginning of next year by the looks of it. All of the money made from the book should be going to charity if what all the authors discussed is still going ahead. A name for the book has not been decided but my story has been titled “The Phantoms of Glenkos.” It’ll make more sense when you read the story.

The only thing left to say is that I’m currently writing my first full novel, although I won’t disclose anything else until it’s nearly done because I feel the idea is quite unique and I’d hate for it to be stolen.

Overall I think that’s all I can say, for now, I hope you all enjoy the videos and be sure to give me suggestions on what to create content on in the comments.