GLP Matty is a youtuber from Scotland who enjoys to produce videos on anything that peaks his interest, including video games, my little pony, a game of thrones, psychedelic drugs and other interesting points of discussion.

He started his channel on  Feb 17, 2013 and made the very first video under GLP ownership an hour later titled GLP Launch. While the group GLP no longer exists, GLP Matty is the only member to continue to produce content and keep his channel up.

After being inspired by youtubers like Robbaz, Ray William Johnson and AlChestBreach he went on to form GLP in November 2012. A video making group that he would hope to one day form into an actual company. When the other members of GLP seemed to show little to no interest in keeping the group going, he abandoned his plans and instead turned his youtube channel into a solo project.

On Jun 3 2014, Matty partnered with Freedom! leading to a rise in content quality and views. Unfortunately shortly after this Matty took a long break from videos in 2015 and then another one a few months after his return in 2016. Matty has returned in 2017 claiming to have finally gotten a grip enough in life to continue his youtube career as well as a writig and video game development career. While views and subscribers dropped due to his breaks, he continues to upload content without a worry.

His chosen best video is the first episode of his podcast series, The Not So Happy Hour – Psychedelics:








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